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All season tyres are an ideal combination of summer and winter tyres. They are manufactured to last all year round with minimal compromise over seasonal tyres. At FTS Auto Repairs, we understand the uniqueness of all season tyres. Hence, we have designed a range of efficient tyre services for their upkeep and maintenance. These services include – wheel alignment, wheel balancing, tyre fitting, tyre repair, tyre replacement, tyre pressure check, and many more.

As all season tyres are recommended for locations with moderate climatic conditions, they prove to be a cost-effective choice for drivers. Care must be taken to ensure that the tyres provide optimum performance and last longer. Car owners must perform regular visual checks of their tyres. Or, better still, they can visit our car repair centre to let our technicians run the technical checks. Our team of trained mechanics use the latest diagnostics and tools to examine the tyres and other issues of the car. They are skilled to offer the best solutions in the quickest possible time-frame.

All season tyres occupy the middle ground when it comes to performance. Their popularity also comes from the fact that they save the driver from having to switch tyres bi-yearly. Besides, providing better grip, handling, and braking distances, they help save money and effort. Overall, they offer a smooth driving experience when maintained in the best of health. Now, you can shop for the best all season tyres from our repair facility. You can choose from a range of reliable tyres from trusted brands like Michelin, Goodyear, Dunlop and many more. You can use our online tyre finder tool to pick the right tyre for your vehicle.

Since all season tyres need less or no replacement, it is crucial to check them for wear and tear. This is to make sure they are able to give their best every time you are on the road. Our experienced technicians recommend having your all season tyres checked regularly as per the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. Doing this will not only help you improve the life of your vehicle but help you save on unwanted repair costs. To talk to our experts, you can give us a call on 023 9252 5233, email us at or visit our garage in Gosport and let us help you.

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