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We, at FTS Auto Repairs, provide brake repairs including brake pad replacements, brake disc checks and brake fluid top-ups as well as inspections and repairs for the entire braking system. Over time, the brake pads in your vehicle can wear. The golden rule is- the more you drive, the quicker your brakes will age. Brakes that are worn often create a high pitch screeching noise when you press your foot on the brake pedal, while others may grind and vibrate.

It’s imperative that your brakes work effectively and stop the vehicle from moving when needed. If the the brakes are not working properly, you and your family might be at risk.

Our team of experienced and highly trained technicians can check and repair your brakes at a reasonable price. If you have any questions or are worried about the overall condition of your brakes, get in contact or book a service through our website. Our friendly team will be available to advise you on repairs. We will work quickly as our objective is to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Symptoms of worn brakes

Your brakes are under constant pressure when driving, and over time every car will require brake pad replacements, brake disc replacements, and brake fluid top-ups to ensure that your brakes are effective in stopping your vehicle when required.

Below are key signs that you might need to get your brakes checked out and fixed before serious damage is caused.

A vibrating brake pedal

While pushing your foot onto the brake pedal, if you feel a slight vibrating or ‘grabbing’, then you are experiencing pulsating brakes. This vibration is caused when the worn brakes have warped in the heat. To fix this issue, either the brakes are re-machined or replaced.

Thin brake pads

By paying close attention to the thickness of your brake pads, you can work out when they might need to be replaced. When you look through the spokes of the car wheel, you need to examine if the brake pads are too thin or if they need to be replaced.

A clicking noise

While applying the brakes, if you hear a clicking noise, then you need to replace the brake pads. All manufacturers install a device to prevent the brake pads from rattling upon applying the brakes, if you hear a clicking sound then the device is worn and new brake pads are needed.

A screeching sound

Drivers should be alert for a high-pitch screeching noise. This is created when the brake pedal is pushed down and the brake pads are too worn.

A grinding sound

If you hear a grinding or growling sound coming from the brakes, then it is an indication that for the brake pads and brake discs to be replaced. The sound is usually caused when the brake disc and brake calliper rub together. It is a sign that the brake pads have completely worn.

A pulling car

If your vehicle is pulling to one side of the road, it could be either due to a misaligned wheel or the brake pads need to be replaced. When driving and applying the brakes, if the vehicle pulls more to one side, this could imply that the brake pads have worn unevenly and will need to be replaced.

If you require high-quality brake repair or replacement services, visit our garage at FTS Auto Repairs.

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