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One works really hard to buy his first car. But to make sure that doesn’t have to work that much again, he should take care of his car. Think about it. You work for weeks without taking care of yourself, not taking proper nutrition, ignoring hygiene, and then the pain due to the wearing your body surfaces. A car is no different and needs to be taken care of from time-to-time to ensure that it does not lose its performance capabilities. We, at FTS Auto Repairs, are some of the best people in Gosport to bring your car to and get serviced from.

What if I don’t Service my Car?

Well then, first of all, be ready to have to do a load of work when you plan to sell it. To get a good resale value of a car, one needs to have maintained it properly. Other than that, you can be ready for a plague that is slowly going to damage the parts of your car and cost you a lot more than what getting it serviced would have. You’re going to see a drop in your car’s acceleration and performance capabilities. Your car has several reservoirs that are important for smooth functioning and need to be refilled from time-to-time. Not doing so can wear down to a very bad state very quickly.

Ok, so when to get it?

We, just like the majority of the car manufacturers, recommend getting your car serviced every 6 months for an interim service or every 12 months for a full service. You should also get your car checked if you see a warning light on the dashboard of your car. Most of the cars, nowadays, have an internal diagnostic system which has sensors all over a car’s body. Anything that goes wrong is recorded in a data recording system in the form of fault codes. This is where you need experts like ours, at FTS Auto Repairs, to decode these codes accurately and correct the issue from its point of origin.

Why Bother Coming to Us?

FTS Auto Repairs is a garage located at 224 Forton Road, Gosport, Hampshire, that is dedicated to serve their customers efficiently and deliver quality services and products. We train our technicians to be proficient at their job and ensure that they’re able to not only provide excellent services but also adequate pieces of advice to our customers. We also train them to use the latest pieces of equipment that we have in our garage to increase the work speed, accuracy and efficiency.

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