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After every 50-60,000 miles or five years, whichever comes first, tyres on a vehicle need to be changed. This change ensures that the tyres function as required and do not, in any way, compromise the safety and performance of a vehicle. We, at FTS Auto Repairs, provide car tyre fittings and replacements to all our customers at compelling prices. Our services ensure that the vehicles our customers drive are safe, comfortable, and reliable

Tyres are the sole point of contact between a vehicle and the road's surface. If they are compromised and unable to perform their function, they can turn a vehicle into a safety hazard. Safety of occupants in a vehicle, as well as that of the other motorists and pedestrians, is then at stake. To avoid such situations, our experts recommend that tyres on a vehicle be changed after they have run 50-60,000 miles or if they have completed more than five years. Both these, affect either the tread or the rubber’s elasticity in the tyres. They then become unfit for use.

Some of the sure signs that a vehicle requires a new set of tyres are-

  • The tyres have a tread depth of less than 1.6mm ( tread less than 2mm can compromise it’s the ability to effectively avoid aquaplaning and is a call for replacement).
  • The sidewall of a tyre has developed bumps or lumps.
  • There is the hardening of the rubber in the tyre.
  • Too many puncture repairs have been made.
  • When such signs are noticed, drivers should start thinking about replacing their tyres.

However, throughout the life of tyres, there will be times when the need to get them repaired will arise. We, at FTS Auto Repairs, facilitate such repairs which do not compromise with the tyres overall health. Through our employment of a fastidious workforce equipped with the latest technological tools, we can ensure that the scope for errors is brought down to a bare minimum.

We have meticulously trained and competent employees, who provide tyre fittings and replacements. All these services are executed keeping quality in mind and we allow no errors to taint our work.

So for tyre fitting and replacement visit our facilities at FTS Auto Repairs. Our services are aimed at ensuring a better and safer driving experience for all our customers in Gosport. We are committed to the job at hand and can be relied upon to satisfy our customer's vehicular needs to the fullest.

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