Just like you had to give examinations in your school to show your worthiness to be promoted to the next standard, cars need to be taken for their examination as well. This examination is to check the roadworthiness of your car and if it is safe to drive on the roads or not. This inspection is known as the MOT test, which is an abbreviation of the Ministry of Transport. It is under their authority to deem a vehicle worthy or not. It is a compulsory test for all the vehicles that are being driven in the UK. We, at FTS Auto Repairs, can conduct this test on your vehicle and help you know its condition.

Why not avoid MOT?

Trying to escape and not taking your car for an MOT test isn’t the best thing you can go for. It is illegal to drive a car that has failed or doesn’t have an MOT certificate. You can be fined a sum of £1,000 and prosecuted for the same as well. Driving a car that hasn’t cleared the test isn’t allowed on the roads either. Bring your car to us, at FTS Auto Repairs, and you can avoid all of these issues as we can provide you with an authentic MOT certificate on clearing the test.

Class 4 Vehicles

We conduct MOT tests on class 4 vehicles. The vehicles that come under class 4 are caravans, ambulances, taxis and cab, a 3-wheeled vehicle with unladen weight more than 450kg, goods vehicle weighing below 3000kg unladen and minibuses with12 passenger seats. These vehicles are rigorously used, therefore, need special care and attention to bring their performance levels back to their original capacity. While they are used so much, maintenance isn’t something that the owners pay attention to. This is why you need to bring your car to us and know what is the condition of the vehicle. Doing this is also important to ensure that the safety aspects of the car are working properly and can save you in case of emergencies.

Why FTS Auto Repairs?

Our experts have been thoroughly trained and are now well versed with the tips and tricks they need to use to examine the parts of your car. They are proficient at their job and are authorized to conduct tests on vehicles. They have, over the years, helped spot several damages that were still in their early stages but could have been troublesome soon. Their efficiency is what has helped us gain the trust of the people of Gosport, and made them have faith in our services. Bring your car to us and we will provide you with a detailed report about your car.

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