Tyre Fitting

tyre fitting

From the time of its discovery, wheels have been inarguably an important part of human life. From initially being used for pottery to being used on chariots, the changes wheels have made for the human race are innumerable. Even today, the automotive industry is nothing without wheels and tyres, and are hugely dependant on them. Tyres are responsible for providing traction and grip for the car to be in the control of the driver. We, at FTS Auto Repairs, know how much important it is to keep these crucial parts in their prime condition and keep our customers safe at all times.

Tyres – Nothing but the Best

We are known to be one of the best tyre dealers in Gosport and provide our customers with nothing but the best products. Tyres are an essential part of a car without which you can’t even think of taking your car anywhere. Tyres are also an important part that one relies upon in case of emergencies. Summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres are available for anyone who wants to enhance the performance of their cars. We exhibit the latest tyres from Bridgestone, Continental, Michelin, Dunlop and Yokohama.

Perfectionists at Tyre Fitting

We, at FTS Auto Repairs, make sure that we accurately fit the tyres on the cars of our customers. A loosely fitted tyre can be dangerous and can be life-threatening as well. A tyre that might not properly be fitted might also wear much faster than it otherwise should. One also has to ensure that the tyre is filled with the optimum air pressure required for that specific car. Our professionals have, over the years, become familiar and have learned the required tyre pressure for different vehicles to be quicker at their work. You can surely trust someone who cares so much about something that is negligible to the majority of car owners.

A tyre that hasn’t been fitted properly can also harm other parts of the car. Your car’s suspension, transmission, engine, acceleration, performance and fuel-efficiency are just the first things that will go wrong. Let our professionals take care of this job and we guarantee that you won’t be seeing these issues for a pretty long while.

Why FTS Auto Repairs

We have been in this industry for over four decades and have served to the people of Gosport with nothing but the best quality services. We always made sure to work up to their expectations and ensure that they leave our garage satisfied. Top-notch pieces of equipment are used to guarantee efficiency and quick delivery.

Customers are our top-most priority and we never compromise when it comes to serving them. Visit us and you can be sure to be trusting some of the most proficient people in Gosport.

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